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Friday, February 16, 2018

The mural at the Red Hook Public Library has been started!
Jeannine will lead workshops every Saturday for the month of March to finish the mural, and talk about climate change and how it affects our world.
Please join us and participate. 

Below are the dates and what the activities will be:
March 3 and 10th Workshop #5 and #6- Transfer sketch to large canvas, lay down paint
March 24th and 31st Workshop #7 and #8- Paint and complete mural 

All the workshops are from 11 am to noon at the Red Hook Public Library

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Join us for workshops at the Red Hook Public Library with the “Ark for the Arts” as we take on the high seas and create a fleet of dream boats that will sail off to find a dream world, free from garbage, safe and sustainable for all.

Arts, crafts and suggested literature will be based on the theme of water. The participants will create miniature boats and a paper mural that will be installed temporarily in the library to raise awareness on climate change and how we can be citizens of change.

Please click on Schedule for the next workshop dates!