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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Footprint calculator: how much energy do you use?

I worked in the Bronx last year with several artists who were concerned about environmental issues. Since we were focused on community outreach and education, we were trying to find ways to illustrate over-consumption and pollution. By chance, I heard on the radio about the Ecological Footprint Calculator, which asks a few questions about consuming habits, and lets you know when you Personal Overshoot Day is.

What is your Personal Overshoot Day?

It is the day, if everyone on Earth behaved like you, that you have used all the renewable resources on Earth, when you have simply used more than the Earth can produce in a year. My Overshoot Day right now is September 2, which means that I need one and a half "Earth"! I think I can do better. Luckily, the website also provides solutions and addresses all the different areas where you can improve as well. 

Ready for the test? 

Click here:

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