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Sunday, April 29, 2018

And it's beautiful...

The tireless Jeannine Bardo had led free art workshops at the Red Hook Library all winter. This Saturday, the final touches of the mural were put in place, and here is the big reveal:

Congratulations to all who participated on a job well done! And thank you to the staff of the Red Hook Public Library!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Your art is garbage!

I use plastic bags and detritus in all my artwork. I started using recycled plastic bags right after leaving graduate school, which I mainly use in large scale community engaged installations. My artist statement talks about wanting to show the dichotomy of American culture (how something can be good and bad at the same time) and our love affair with consumerism.

Invasive Species in Wisconsin: 5,000 crocheted kudzu leaves, made from recycled plastic bags: 

I also like looking and sharing artwork made from detritus or recycled plastic. I came across this great organization based in Oregon: Washed Ashore. They organize beach clean ups with volunteers, then wash and sort the trash they have collected, and make giant animal sculptures, which they exhibit in public places as a reminder to curb consumption, and not pollute the ocean.

What can you do?

If you are an educator, visit the Washed Ashore's website, and make sure you look through their educational initiatives. You can get ideas about organizing street clean-ups in your neighborhood, and using the trash for art projects, and educational opportunities about the environment. Look through all their photos for inspiration while you are there!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

New sport: jogging... and picking up trash?

What is plogging???

Have the Swedes invented everything that's good for a healthy lifestyle? Plogging combines jogging and picking up trash. It started in Sweden... and... just watch the video:

All kidding aside, I started running a couple of years ago: I mostly wanted to stay healthy as I started to age, and I wanted to do an activity that didn't require a lot of money. Jogging is a great way to stay fit for very little money: good shoes are mostly all you will need. Best of all, I go out in the winter months as well, and get more sun than in previous years, which makes the winter blues go away.

What can you do?

Although I don't pick up garbage every time I go running, I usually end up with a plastic bag full of discarded plastic utensils, bottles and various plastic detritus. I would encourage you to pick up a few things while walking around or jogging. If you read some of my previous posts, you will know what storm drains are not filtered or treated. So any trash that gets washed away in a storm drain will most likely end up in the ocean. We can all improve the world by picking up some of the trash on sidewalks, and disposing of it properly in city garbage cans.