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Friday, August 3, 2018

It's here!!!

We have picked up the Ark from the wonderful David Spangler, delivered it smoothly to the Red Hook Public Library... and took it for a test drive. We are open for business!

Join us tomorrow morning at 10 am at the Red Hook Public Library
for our first event!

We will be doing street litter removal, followed by the traditional "washing of the trash" so we can use the detritus for future art projects. Street litter is typically not filtered, so it all ends up in the waterways, causing a lot of harm to the environment. This will help our world, and you get to hang out with Isabelle and Jeannine! So this should be fun too!!!

And remember, we are in Red Hook every Wednesday and Saturday until October for community and art events. If you want to use the Ark, please email Isabelle at

Next week: We decorate the Ark!!!

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