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Sunday, September 16, 2018

All 500 postcards have been written!

A few weeks ago, we started a Get Out the Vote campaign with the ACLU. We asked our neighbors, friends, and community to write personal messages on postcards provided by the ACLU, about why it's important to vote. We sometimes get overwhelmed by work, we sometimes get frustrated by politicians, but we always have to remember that voting is one of the ways we have to fix some of our problems, big and small. We are lucky to have been born in a democracy, and we have to remember that the rights we have can easily be snatched away from us. We need to stay engaged, and informed. We need to stay involved as citizens. We have finally reached our goal of 500 postcards written up, which will be sent out to the ACLU, where their volunteers will address the cards, and send them out to folks who did not vote in the last election. I hope they will inspire some to return to the polls, and make decisions about who will be in our congress the next two years.

Below are some of the postcards we have written. I hope that they inspire you to stay involved in civic life, pay attention to policies, and keep your politicians accountable, by voting!