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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ark for the Arts in 2019

The Red Hook project is over but that doesn't mean that the Ark stayed idle in 2019. Jeannine and I brought it out on several occasions.

Summer Stroll in Bay Ridge

The Ark was out with The Speakeasy Book Truck at the July Summer Stroll on 3rd Avenue between 87th and 88th. We worked with The Green Initiative of Fight Back Bay Ridge and House Of SpeakEasy to focus on literacy and sustainability.

Red Hook Youth Climate Action

The Ark for the Arts was back in Red Hook on September 20th in Coffey Park for the Youth Climate Action!!!!! The movement is real and the youth of America will lead! We made banners, crocheted flowers and made pompoms with reused items. Sustainable, creative and beautiful, just like the future we want our children to have.

And of course... where would we be without our superhero Karen Blondel???!